23rd Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games

September 14 & 15, 2024 | Saturday 10am-10:30pm; Sunday 10am-7:00pm


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Niagara Celtic Heritage Society

Our mission is to promote Celtic culture in all its various facets.

The Niagara Celtic Heritage Society Inc. is an official not-for-profit society, established in 2001 to help restore, preserve and promote Celtic culture in our part of the world. We work hard to keep our heritage and history alive for future generations. In order to help fulfill our mission, we host the annual Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games each September in Niagara County, NY.

NCHS Board


Elizabeth Allore, Olivia Dickenson, Ryan Flore, Robert Loveland, Benjamin Martin, Matthew Seib, Robert Talladay, Michael Tomaino


Rebecca Schweigert, President
Kathy Lamont, Vice President
Phil Banks, Treasurer
Cate Banks, Secretary / Festival Associate Director

Beth Banks, Festival Director
Vicki Banks, Festival Associate Director / Marketing Director

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society volunteers

2023 Festival Finances

Numbers based on FY2023 operation est.


Made to all artists and groups participating, including:

  • 5 adult/ youth dance groups
  • 9 bagpipe bands
  • 31 Celtic bands
  • 8 workshop hosts
  • 7 historical/reenacting groups
  • 31 Scottish clans and Celtic societies
  • 13 local Community Groups
  • 2 Animal groups
  • Athletic Competition w/ over 60 athletes


Our revenue was 82% earned through festival income. The remaining 18% came from sponsorship, grants and contributions.



46% Event Production
Rent, insurance, security, tents, electricity, chairs and tables, flags, decorations, port-a-potties, storage, equipment, shuttles, signage...the list goes on and on. Hosted inside a rented property, we have to bring in everything needed to put on our festival. This will always cause enormous expenses.
25% Artists & Performers
A huge portion our festival expenses go directly towards every group you see attending our festival. Every participant of our festival is compensated in some way, usually through earnings or donations by us.
15% Education & Marketing
We have a streamlined system to promote our festival as affordably as possible, including our massive mailing list of past guests (which allows us to give discounts to our loyal fairgoers). A large portion of this budget goes towards supporting other annual Celtic events and festivals through purchasing advertising for their programs. We go to great lengths to support many local Celtic organizations, as their successes advance us all.
14% Office & Administration
Every year we send hundreds of letters, and complete countless contracts and paperwork. Costs include ink, paper, copies, envelopes, stamps, and more office supplies. Also fees for accounting, paperwork, contracts and our website/ social marketing.


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2023 Festival Organizers

Festival Director: Beth Banks

Associate Directors: Cate Orr, Vicki Banks

Administration: Phil A. Banks

Clans: Robbin Zaleski, Vince Zaleski

Droichead: Olivia Dickenson, Stephen Beitelshees, Caleb Seib

Electric: Ian Dinse, Ryan Johnson


Announcements: Kevin Cole
Celtic Arts Stage: Diana Straube, Tim Straube
Celtic College: Gretchen Schweigert, Saamir Rahman
Ceremonies: Rebecca Schweigert
Dragonfly Stage: Cameron Seib
Fireside Stage: Aaron Greenwald
History Groups: Mike Tomaino
Motte & Bailey Arena: Brigitte Schweigert, Marilyn Crosby
Pipe Bands: Sharon Tomaino

Fire Keepers: Chris Banks

Grounds: Gus Posey

Guest Gate Supervisor: Afton Brousse

Guest Services: Paula Banks-Dahlke

Highland Games: Paul Krest

Office: Ryan Johnson

Participant Check-In: Jacki Minchen

Pubs: Talan Pomeroy, Ryan Flore, Benjamin Martin

Security: Justin Chang, Richard Schweigert, Jerry Deyoe, Ethan Stonebraker

Souvenirs: Jamie Keller, Sharidan Hathaway

Ticket Booth: Wendy Clark, Matthew Seib

Ticket Entrance: Eric Rupert, Shelly Seib, Brittany Manchester

Traffic: Andrew Clark,  Brian Minchen

Vendors, Food: Ursula Petraetis

Vendors, Artisans & Community Groups: Liz Allore

Volunteers: Sheena Bakos, Duane Bakos

Wee Folk Shire: Kristine DeGlopper-Banks, Kathy O'Keefe, Jordan Black


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Thank you to our 2023 supporters:

Andrew Vona
Arts Services Inc. (ASI)
A-Verdi Storage Containers
Bittner-Singer Orchards
CG Audio
Captain Thomas Huff
City & Town of Lockport
Clan Chiefs & Representatives
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Niagara County
D & T Graphics
Discover Niagara Shuttle
Elliot MacFarlane
Franklin LaVoie/ Bard of Basswood
Gene Newman, Sanborn and Orleans BOCES
Grace Platt
Grey Line Tours
Hiller's Sweet Corn Farm
Irish Classical Theatre Co. of Buffalo
Iroquois Job Corps Center
Jacki, Tyler and Aubrey Minchen
Justin Rogers, CCE
Kathy Lamont, Guidebook Designer
The Kenan Center
Lakeside Audio
Marcia & Monte Jones
Mark Crocker, Lockport Town Supervisor

Michael Casale, NCCED Commissioner
Michelle Roman, Mayor of Lockport
Mike Norris, Assemblyman
Newfane American Legion Post 873
Newfane Lumber
Niagara County Sheriff's Department & K9 Unit
Norm Pearson, Photographer
Pete Robinson
Ontario Shores Federal Credit Union
Rebecca Wydysh, Sunday Sun-High Parade Grand Marshall
Rich Leader, Videographer/ Photographer
Robert Ortt
Sara Capen
Shawn Foti, Legislator
Sheriff Michael Filicetti
Sound Factor
Summit MSP
Teresa Kearns, Welcoming Ceremonies Grand Marshall
Tim Straube
Uptown Larry
Wayne Peters, Photographer
Wrights Corners Fire Company


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2023 Wishing Tree Contest

10 winners received two (2) day passes to this year's Niagara Celtic! Congratulations to our winners:

Kathy Landon


Renee Larcom


2023 Door Prizes

10 winners: Tickets to the Irish Classical Theatre Company of Buffalo

Therese Clare | Michelle Darnell | Amanda Diamond | James Fisher | Irina Kirilchuk | Edward Lawrence | Gina Lewis | Jennifer Markee | Jason Miller | Michelle Okonieczny

1 winner: Irish Dancer Ornament from Niagara Celtic

Diane Terhart

8 winners: Branded shirts  from Guinness

Kathleen Birkman | Tim Fike | Emily Hill | Patrick O'Keefe | Paul Magrich | Cydney Pocock | Grace Richards | Christopher Swasey

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Guest Feedback

All feedback shown is unsolicited. Thanks so much to everyone for such kind words!

Leave your feedback on our Facebook Page! Your comments help improve our festival every year. You may even see your comments added to this page!

My first time attending and will definitely be back. Absolutely LOVED it! Went two times on Saturday and was totally blown away. I knew it was big, but OMG! The music was incredible! Loved Penny Whiskey, bought a beautiful Celtic cuff bracelet and a wooden beer sign for my husband. So well organized and in control! Great job to the organizers and all the tons of volunteers. Everyone was so happy and having a blast. See ya next year! – Terri
What an incredible festival! We were there to see Barry's Crossing perform, and couldn't believe the variety of things to do, great vendors, kids activities. Well done! We'll definitely be back next year. -Missy
So much fun! We had a great time, dressed up for it. Met wonderful strangers. Good food & drink. Music and bonfires were great. We wandered for 9.5 hours and it was great. We will be going back!- Emma
Congrats to all the people who put this event on. It is my favorite Festival. I always bring my 2 Irish wolfhounds & I enjoy when other people bring theirs. Everyone is always so nice there. I just love it!!!!!!! - Janelle
Great, great time at the festival Sunday! Thanks to everyone who makes it possible and all of the people who contribute time and energy for this family friendly, musically delightful, marvelous weekend! -Cheryle
I love this festival. 5/5 because my whole family has fun and enjoys it. We have 7, 18, 21, 41, 44 year-olds and gram loves it too, 75. Food is great, lots of heritage food. Some just regular foods if you want. We look forward to it every year. It’s a good time. – Mark
It is a phenomenal location for the festival. The trees give shade create a pleasant breeze, the people are amazingly nice & kind, the variety is rich, and the event is FUN! It is a beautiful and relaxing drive from Rochester. I recommend it highly. – Kennan
Oh my goodness, there was so much to do and see!!! I spent the whole weekend at the festival and just covered everything. They really go all out to try to make the atmosphere feel authentic. It’s so exciting! I may not be able to go visit Scotland just yet, but the Celtic festival is the next best thing! – Tonya
Love this festival, have been going for many years. Love enjoying the Celebration of all the Irish heritages and good food and fabulous bands for the Saturday night Celebration, and of course the bonfire and just everything is amazing. If you haven't been to this festival you are truly missing out on something amazing and wonderful, it's a great time. – Jennifer
I always have a great time at the Celtic Festival. The food is great, the highland games are fun to watch, and the overall experience is just fantastic. This is my 10th year going and will go again next year. – Tristan
A wonderful family experience and a celebration of Celtic traditions. The price of admission includes plenty of activities for everyone, good food, and lovely people. – Heather
The weather was perfect! The gathering was huge, the music played, the fire burned and thousands of wonderful Celtic folk, families and Clans made a perfect weekend. Personally, I am still working on my seven dozen Welsh Cakes. Can't wait for next year’s event! – Kim
We look forward to going every year! Sandee's meat pies are our favorite tasty treat and we are so glad they are there every year! The dogs have a great time meeting new friends (kids, adults, and other fur babies alike) and enjoy sniffing the sheep, goats, and other farm animals! Going to Celtic Fest every September is one of our favorite family traditions! – Lindsay
I had a wonderful time!! I own a wolfie [Irish wolfhound] and I get to talk with other owners and learn from them!! – Janna
I love the Niagara Celtic festival. Always have a wonderful time. People there are so friendly and helpful. -Barbara
Not only is this the best run festival that I attend, it has the best feeling of being with family. If you only go to one, make it this one. – Steven
There was such a wide variety of things to do, not just for the adults but kids too! We didn't have to wait in line for food more than 2 min. and the shade from the trees made it even better. – Kimberly
Love this festival, each year we go our group gets a bit larger- kids, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and friends! Great food and music! Already looking forward to next year! – Colleen
Fourth year attending - and already looking forward to next year!!! Amazing, Wonderful, Magical, Musical & Fun. -Scarlet
This was my first time going, and it was great!!!! My sister & brother in law (who is Scottish) go just about every year, I'm sure glad I tagged along- I'll be back. -Cheryl
This is a wonderful festival that is doing all the right things when it comes to vendors and music. -Barry's Crossing
We look forward to attending the Niagara Celtic Fest each year. It just keeps growing and we keep attending. It's just awesome! -Judy
This year was my 12th in a row totally AWESOME!!!!!! – Erein
As Dr. Cameron I thoroughly enjoy the Niagara Celtic festival which provides a great venue for our living history group. -Brian, Clann Wolfe
We have been going to the festival since it's inception, and we love it. Look forward to it every year- it's a tradition. -Deborah
We had a fantastic time! Kudos to the organizers and volunteers! It gets better and better every year! Thank you so much! -Suzanne
Had a great time! We actually look forward to the Haggis and Irish Stew. And I LOVE the turkey that is walking around :) -Elizabeth
We have been coming since back in the day when it was in the RV camp parking lot. Every year is bigger and better. Congrats for another successful year. Keep up the good work. -Mark
A great, many wonderful thanks to all the coordinators, volunteers and everyone else for another awesome festival. You allowed me to be a part of it all and I'll have wonderful memories to last a lifetime! Slainte! -Eileen
Had a fantastic time yesterday - This festival is great! Thanks to all who plan, coordinate, perform, demonstrate, teach, etc. It all fits together and is appreciated! -Cheryle
This Niagara Celtic Fest was a lot of fun! I will be back next year for sure!!!!! One of the highlights for is the food......Dragon Scottish Egg Balls! Next the selection of Beer, for me, Guinness and Three Heads Scotch Ale!!!! The vendors are plentiful, one of my favorites is "ScottchStoreOnline"! There you can buy cans of Haggis!!! Great selection of Kilts and Tim and Tracy are great people to hang out with! For dessert........The Welsh Cookie Company is a definite stop and if only I could remember the gentleman's booth selling the Shortbread cookies of which I walked away with 3 boxes. Overall, worth the price of admission! See you next year!!!! - Wilson
We went yesterday for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Never have I ever seen so many beautiful kilts and outfits worn by all ages and even by very well behaved dogs who seemed to be having a good time. The park was alive with sunshine and people having fun and music and singing and Celtic dancing and Highland games. It was great! We definitely look forward to going again next year. - Judi
This weekend was great! Everyone makes you feel at home with family and that is the best part. -Kathy
Absolutely crackin' time by the Niagara Celtic, you guys really out did yourselves this year. Now that you raised the bar one notch higher, can't wait to see how you top it next year! -Ian
I had a wonderful time!! I own a wolfie [Irish wolfhound] and I get to talk with other owners and learn from them!! – Janna
The festival just keeps getting better every year! It was a wonderful time, as usual. Easily the best festival in WNY! -Lisa
Had a GREAT Saturday there. Love to see how the fest continues to grow and improve!! -Kathleen
I had a great weekend at the Festival & Games. I learn about my "Jenkins was part of Johnston", found the location they were from and family history. Thank you all for this event and look forward to seeing you next year. - Richard
I can't say enough good things about all the special volunteers and staff for their hard work!! Without their patience and dedication this would never happen!! Thank YOU!!!! – Bruce
Had an awesome weekend!! I love this festival, it is such a beautiful setting!!!! -Connie
Since 2008 we go every year for my birthday and every year is better than the last! -Sunny
This was my first year participating! A job well done! -Bruce
Excellent festival! Job well done, see you next year!! -Ed
Excellent time on Saturday. Very well done festival. Can't wait til next year!! -Nancy
The puppet show was the funniest thing I've ever seen. I saw it twice. -Gemil
This was my 2nd year attending! Loved it both years! The new expanded grounds this year was wonderful! Looking forward to next year! -Deanna
We really enjoyed the festival this year. Keep up the good work! I found out the mead is definitely something wonderful! -Rhonda
Such fun, yet so cold this year! Keep up the good work, we love this fest! -Kathi
This was my 6th year attending The Festival and it just gets better each year, seeing old friends & meeting new folks who you want to remember for a long time! The fact that the Festival has always been "dog friendly" is a plus! Thank you to all of the great people who make this weekend come together, you folks are the best!!! Thanks again for some wonderful memories! -Daniel
WOW what a first day! Though I find looking at Chihuahuas in kilts really strange! I've got to say this was a great event though, and hopefully Sunday I get to spend some more time there. What very special event this is been, I'm amazed at the amount of people who participate, along with a variety of vendors that have... never seen before. This is my first year there and my wizard friend is correct this is quite an event! -Howard
OMG way to go, day one was awesome can't wait to get there for day two! -Mark
Wonderful job. I attended both days, everything was great. The Fest is one of the highlights of my year. -Peter
I was just thinking this morning that I can't wait for next year's festival! It is phenomenal! -Cheryle, writing in late November
Awesome festival this year. Well done!! -Dotty
My kids and 2 little pugs loved it!! Can't wait till next year!! -Jennifer
Job well down guys! I have been to every event since the start and you have grown well in your shoes! So many events, when faced with growth, loose something in the transition. You have not compromised the air of the weekend a bit. Wonderful experience! – Diane
This is my favorite festival (3rd year). Everything was excellent! I would like to compliment the refreshingly clear & understandable announcer & sound system. Also a special thanks to the gents for the clean & stocked restrooms. Much appreciation to all for a great time! -Roberta
This year's festival was awesome -- probably the best festival ever in my life -- no kidding. It was flawless and organized and magic. I do not think the committee has any idea how good they are. If there are any problems, the public and the participants never know, which is the sign of a good event. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for dedicating your free time to the execution of such an amazing time for all of us! -Karen
A HUGE thank you to the organizers for another fantastic event! Well organized, nicely paced, lots of representation, beautiful venue and so. much. fun. The Niagara Celtic has to be one of the best festivals going. WELL DONE!! -Christine
Just a quick note to thank the organizers of the festival for an outstanding weekend. I have competed in more than 200 games and yours is one of the best!! Thank you for all the hard work and please continue with the great work. -Terry
Perfect event, perfect weather. Next year I'm spending both days at the festival. -Len
I love the many folks who say "My kids played your games at the 1st or 2nd festival and now they are in college or have little ones of their own now! -Karen, MacFarlane's Company
What a fantastic job the organizers of the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival do every year! The best festival anywhere! -Laura
Awesome weekend!!! Thanks sooo much for a wonderful festival. It seemed there was more music this year and just more going on at all times which was super great! -Andrew
One of the best "family based" festivals of the year, great food, amazing music, and some of the nicest people, what else could you ask for! -Daniel
My Family and I have enjoyed the Festival for several years! So much so that we now volunteer for the event and look forward to it like a "holiday" every year! Can’t wait for 2013! Blessings to Clan Banks and all their efforts for our Community! -Michael
For its deep roots in Celtic Culture, to the myriad branches of Art, Games, Good Food and libations… Mightily will I stand tall with thee! Niagara Celtic Heritage wears the crown of stars among the circle of festivals. -Franklin
Go every year, love to dress up, hear the sounds of the pipes over the lake and enjoy the bonfire! -Kathleen
Thank you to all the planners & workers, my family and I had a great time. God Bless you all! -June
Amazing time as usual...great to see the festival continue to grow each year. -Deanna
You throw a fine party, we hope to come back for many more! Slainte -Patrick
Can't wait to kilt up again next year for another great time. -Gary
Well done! Had a great time both days. Already got my calendar marked for next year. -Peter
We had an awesome time at the festival - both days. Looking forward to next year! Always a great time! -Mark
Stayed till almost 10 last night, sitting at a picnic table chatting with old friends, sipping brew and Irish Coffees until they closed, listening to wonderful music, watching people having a GREAT time, we had a WONDERFUL NIGHT!!! Thank you for your efforts! -Richard
Our band "Wingin' It," absolutely loved the festival. We were the early crew at 10:30 a.m., but were pleasantly surprised to see folks milling about and collecting near us to have a listen. What a wonderful, beautiful setting! Your festival is top notch and we were privileged to be a part of it. Thank you! -Peg, Wingin' It
Great Festival, always enjoy doing the Clan Hall Society tent for this one! -Lee, Clan Hall Society
Great Festival, thanks for making this happen. We have enjoyed it every year so far and hope for many more! -Sue
On behalf of Catch & Release, kudos to Beth, Phil, and everyone involved! This festival is a real gem for Western New York, something the entire region should be proud of! This was our 3rd year performing and once again it was a blast. It is one of the shows we really look forward to and we already can't wait for year #4! -Terry, Catch and Release Band
It was great! I talked a few folks from this area into coming next year. All of you did so much work, and it showed. Congratulations on a great turnout. -Melissa
Had an awesome weekend! Can't wait until next year. -Linda
It was our first year and we will be back! -Monica
I think this year's festival was the BEST one yet, well done!!!! -Darcy
What fun! We can't wait until next year. -Lisa
I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at the festival, it was amazing I enjoyed all the just the people of the activities looking forward to next year – Kim
We always have a good time. So much to see and do and it seems to get better every year!! – Catherine C.
Hello. Just want to let you know my wife and I enjoyed our two days at your festival. Thanks and keep up the good work. -Bill
It was my husbands and my first time there and we plan on coming every year. Congrats on a fabulous event. -Dena
Clan Gordon will be there next year! We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year. -Holly
We had a great time on Saturday ~ every year its gets bigger and BETTER! Great job everyone~ Hopeful we can help out next year! -Stacy
This was my first year visiting the festival and I loved it! My husband wore his kilt with a long sleeved t-shirt, but we didn't know people came dressed in full costume. Next year we're definitely wearing our full Renaissance Faire outfits! -Kira
This will absolutely be on the yearly calendar. BEST Festival I've ever been to. Greatest vendors with the coolest items, 2 stages of constant entertainment and probably 50 choices of food. Great time! Oh, and go with your Love, makes everything 10x better! – John
Of the many Scottish/Celtic festivals I've attended, the Niagara Celtic Festival is the one my wife and I enjoy the most. We are there with the Clan Claus Society. The setting is beautiful, the participants varied and interesting with the clans, pipe bands, athletes, storytellers, kids events, re-enactors, food and music stages. Fun one for and all. -Wallace, Clan Claus Society
Great festival! Beautiful location, plenty of parking, so many activities! I've gone for years and it just keeps getting better and better! – Marilyn
Had a great time, seeing all the people with Clan MacFarlane, loved meeting Santa Claus. -Cathy
Fun as always. Like to see how much it grows each year! -Nancy
This was my first time here and what a blast my family had! Everyone was so friendly and inviting...this will be a yearly event for us from now on! Thank you so much. -WW
The Sterling Invaders had a blast! Love the expanded site, the music was fantastic both days, and the Highland Games were (as always) the highlight! Looking forward to another 10 years. -Lori, Sterling Invaders
Just got home from the Celtic Fest and- as usual the festival was awesomely awesome and I had a grand time. I love to look at everything and especially watch the people. Lots of dogs and cute kids there too. Great job, Niagara Celtic Society. You've outdone yourselves once again. Can't wait 'till next year!! -Cyndi
The Daughters of Erin along with the Knights of Equity (Buffalo Irish Center) have exhibited at this wonderful festival for two years now. It is one of the very best summer events in Western New York and should not be missed.....a big thank you to the Banks family and everyone who helps in this endeavor which honors our collective Celtic heritage in such a beautiful way. -Renee, The Daughters of Erin
Thanks to the Banks family & all your helpers. You presented a wonderful festival. We know we are hearty & can withstand all kinds of weather. The bonfires that were going all day were great. The entertainment was awesome, the vendors had so many wonderful wares... and the foods so yummy. Already looking forward to next year's festival, which I'm sure, will be bigger & better since it will be your fifteenth year. GREAT JOB! -Dolores
Hello: Lords of the Seas wanted to congratulate all of you for a wonderful festival. We look forward to being a vendor at your festival. Throughout our other festivals in New York and Pennsylvania we rave about your festival and encourage people to attend. Sometimes there is a great vendor that we run into that has different products, and we encourage them to visit NiagaraCeltic.com and contact you. We loved the location of our booth, and think the traffic pattern flowed very smoothly. Thank you for a job well done! -Joan, Lords of the Seas
This is a great festival. I was there yesterday and it was well attended and the entertainment was everywhere! The vendors were reasonably priced and I LOVE the Scotch Eggs!!!!!!! Yes, I was in my kilt! – Wilson
Had a great time!! We went both days, did the 5K, had some mead, enjoyed some haggis, chowed on the Reuben Rolls, watched sooo many great bands and so much more!! -Michael
Beautiful venue, with a wide variety of events and vendors (both food and souvenirs). There's nothing quite like walking across the lush grass, enjoying Celtic-themed food and drink, while the live music is playing and the cannons are firing in the background. – John
Hi there, I participated in the heavy events this year at your festival. Had a great time. so many things to see and do. I was amazed at the variety of food available. lots of tasty treats. One of my friends commented, that there was a lot of vendors she wanted to visit because she had seen so many things she wanted to buy, but we ran out of time. I was thrilled to see some Irish Wolf hounds. I got a chance to show my husband these beautiful dogs. He has never seen one, and he has been told to expect one in our house hold soon!!! Your volunteer staff was very helpful and courteous when we first arrived and told us all we needed to know. The view from the park is spectacular and I look forward to next year. thanks for the memories. -Tammy
I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed our two days at your Festival...it is one of the best Celtic Festivals we have attended. You and your committee covered all the bases one likes to see and hear at these events. It was a wonderful couple of days, I loved it all from beginning to end: the arrival of Bonnie Prince was a real treat! We spent Sunday at the end of the day at The Glen listening to the wonderful pipers and Tom Keefer and the Penny Whistles. It was great to hear the music playing all day with the different bands, and to hear the different kinds of music. I thought we would only do one day but we put in two full days as there was so much to do, hear, and see. It was great to see the folk dressed in period costumes [really lovely touch]. If I could personally thank everyone for the hard work they put into making the festival a success I would because we fairly enjoyed it. They were a group of wonderful friendly folk, you should all stand proud. I feel we just have to Thank you all, we will be sure to come back next year. -Bernadette
First time yesterday! Certainly won't be the last. Music everywhere, loved the games food is great. We thought everything was reasonably priced from the beer to the jewelry. It was so well run in every way. The way it's laid out with the shopping and games in the middle and music and food at either end is perfect. The park is so beautiful with the lake in the background. And the added bonus of gorgeous weather wasn't too shabby either!! We used the shuttle with minimal wait times and the driver was a very friendly guy. Perfect again. See you next year! – Suzie

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