Niagara Celtic Heritage Society


Our mission is to promote Celtic culture in all its various facets.

The Niagara Celtic Heritage Society Inc. is an official not-for-profit society, established in 2001 to help restore, preserve and promote Celtic culture in our part of the world. We work hard to keep our heritage and history alive for future generations. In order to help fulfill our mission, we host the annual Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games each September in Niagara County, NY.

NCHS Board


Elizabeth Allore, Beth Banks, Kathleen Lamont, Benjamin Martin, Rebecca Schweigert, Michael Tomaino


Robert Talladay, President

Robert Loveland, Vice President

Phil Banks, Treasurer

Cate Banks, Secretary / Festival Associate Director

Beth Banks, Festival Director

Vicki Banks, Festival Associate Director / Marketing Director

society volunteers

2018 finances

At our 2021 festival, donations were made to all artists and groups participating.

  • 4 adult/ youth dance groups
  • 7 bagpipe bands
  • 22 Celtic bands
  • 9 workshop hosts
  • 7 historical/reenacting groups
  • 33 Scottish clans and Celtic societies
  • 8 local Community Groups
  • 3 Animal groups
  • Athletic Competition w/ over 60 athletes

Festival Finances Breakdown


In 2021 our revenue was 69% earned through festival income. The remaining 31% came from sponsorship, grants and contributions.


42% Event Production
Rent, insurance, security, tents, electricity, chairs and tables, flags, decorations, port-a-potties, storage, equipment, shuttles, signage...the list goes on and on. Hosted inside a rented property, we have to bring in everything needed to put on our festival. This will always cause enormous expenses.

28% Artists & Performers
A huge portion our festival expenses go directly towards every group you see attending our festival. Every participant of our festival is compensated in some way, usually through earnings or donations by us.

17% Education & Marketing
We have a streamlined system to promote our festival as affordably as possible, including our massive mailing list of past guests (which allows us to give discounts to our loyal fairgoers). A large portion of this budget goes towards supporting other annual Celtic events and festivals through purchasing advertising for their programs. We go to great lengths to support many local Celtic organizations, as their successes advance us all.

13% Office & Administration
Every year we send hundreds of letters, and complete countless contracts and paperwork. Costs include ink, paper, copies, envelopes, stamps, and more office supplies. Also fees for accounting, paperwork, contracts and our website/ social marketing.